Author Topic: Setting up MIDI using M-Audio 2496, PM G4 QS and Roland PC-200 MKII  (Read 1110 times)

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Hi! I'm trying to set up my OS 9 DAW based on a PM G4 Quicksilver equipped with M-Audio 2496 card. So far I have installed the card drivers provided elsewhere on this forum, the OMS 2.3.8 found from a Protools Free package and a demo version of Ableton Live Lite which came with the card. On screen everything seems ok, I've got PC-200 MKII keyboard set up in the OMS and it is visible as a MIDI input device in Ableton preferences, but when trying to make some noise with various VST's using the MIDI keyboard I can't hear a thing.

I also tried this standalone software synthesizer NI Soundforum Synth which is setup so that input should be from MIDI but when I press midikeys nothing happens. Playing from computer keyboard seems to work however, and the little midi-light on the synth reacts to computer keyboard, so it seems to think computer keyboard is my MIDI input.

I have not managed to get any sound out from the VST's in Ableton Live without the use of a virtual keyboard. Pressing computer keys however creates some response as small green lights appear in the midi column of a project. Pressing keys on the Roland do not light any lights.

I have tested the keyboard on a PM G5 using and Edirol UM-1 as MIDI interface and it seems to work ok. I have not managed to get the Edirol to work on the Quicksilver, as the supposed driver installer just claims to be a simpletext document and does not run.

Anyhow, my aim is to be able to play VST-based software synths using the PC-200 MKII as a controller. For testing I have  Ableton Live Lite but I'm planning to install Cubase when I find the time. So far I have been trying to get a connection between the Roland and the software, but it seems to be a rocky road.

Is there something obvious that I have not noticed yet? I'm a bit out of my element here as I have not previously set up MIDI on OS 9, and all my previous setups have just worked out of the box. The analog audio inputs on the card seem to work as they should, so I guess the card is a working specimen.

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