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« on: March 10, 2017, 10:19:15 AM »
Hello! I'm a long time Mac user, even though I have swithed to a Windows machine for my daily needs. I however still use an old iBook with OS 9 as my distraction free word processing environment and an old iMac G5 as my photo editing and scanning station.

I used Macs for daily stuff until 2013. I got me an x86 Mini those days, used it for a year or so, but I did not like it. I much preferred the things Apple did when they used to think different. Classic OS was one of those things, and I think it has stood the test of time a lot better than the early OS X versions.

As a kid I had an Atari ST, a poor man's Mac of the time. I later got into collecting old Macs for next to nothing. I have a little collection of Macs I bought when they were dirt cheap: classic macs, LC's and early powermacs and powerbooks. Now i have also aquired some G3 iMacs for free and now G4's and G5's are starting to appear for next to nothing. I however prefer the machines running classic OS as I feel that it is a system that I might even use for something. At least for writing, if not something else.

I've been toying with the idea of a home studio for quite some time. At first I though using the Atari for it might do the trick, but I just found out there are freeware DAW software available for OS 9, which actually would be a lot easier to build on, as it runs on USB-enabled hardware and does not require hard to find media like DD disks. It's also a lot easier just to put stuff on HD and use it instead of fiddling with all sorts of peculiar peripherals with cables as thick and stiff as my fingers...

I like the back to basics and it just works -approach of OS 9. It does not try to fill my life with bells and whistles and to steal my time with all the feel-goodies the modern systems do. I think it helps to be more creative.