Author Topic: Looking for Pinnacle CinéWave RT drivers/software 4 Mac G4 Video Editing System  (Read 681 times)

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So, here I am trying no to find legacy drivers and vintage software (which I prefer) for Pinnacle CinéWave RT video editing PCI system for my G4 Mac. Since the Corel acquisition (Coral bought Pinnacle) you can't obtain any of drivers or, anything else for that matter freakin' B-Tards!

I have had the best of luck on here as, Macos9lives always comes through! The people are the best in helping you trying to find that particular vintage driver you are looking for or a piece of obsolete software that is no longer in production. I've always turned here when the software/hardware companies through in the towel, give me the shuffle and, same old tired runaround response they always do: "We don't support that any more, you need to buy the new version" (no thank you).

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