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M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI Drivers request

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dr bu:
i was wondering if anyone is willing to share these drivers:

Extension: Audiophile 2496 Driver
ASIO: ASIO Delta Audiophile and ASIO2 Delta Audiophile
Panel: DeltaPanelPPC
OMS: Delta Audiophile OMS Driver

i just got the card on ebay and the accompanying CD has a later "universal" Delta driver installer (3.1.0) from 2003.. causing pops, freezes etc. could not find any appropriate downloads here despite a lot of info and discussions.  :)

I have like a butt pile of M-Audio driver CD's that have all sorts of drivers on them. Some of them are older disks that have drivers that worked better than the new ones. When I'm home tonight, I will check on that for you.
I know it had the delta 1010 drivers that worked with multiple cards and didn't crash.  The last OS 9 version for that card caused me a lot of headache.

Here's the driver I have.  This would include the ASIO, Sound Manager and OMS drivers in it.
Let me know if it works for you.  I might have an older one if I can find my older disc.

dr bu:
i will. thanks alot!

dr bu:
Problems shifted slightly. If you (or anyone else) can find the original drivers i would be grateful..the Delta AP OMS mididriver as well :) According to manual all drivers should be in a folder on the CD to be installed manually, not by an installer..


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