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Protools 6 LE on Mac OS 9!

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I were installing Instant DAW, a Panther PT6LE set up and a Leopard PT 7 setup on my DA GHz dual machine.

I booted to 9 and double click a PT6 demo file, and it started to load Protools 6 LE app!!

Then came with an error about DAE not found.

I tought, that maybe changing DAE from 9 with DAE for X it could run.

I tried and get the same error. Then I took that OSX DAE and put in Extensions on OS9 system folder and then get another error

Now it ask for DUI.shlb, so maybe those missing library can be take from X and dropped on the System folder.

The conclusion is that Protools 6 is a Carbon OS9&OSX  software, and Digidesign forced it (under Apple pressure) to be OSX only. But maybe we can find all the resources to turn it into a OS9 app.

DUI is a whole framework...

And that framework cant be rebuild with powerplant?

Also, the DAE from OSX felt like built for OS9 too, because the error loading the DAE is skipped!

I feel that we can drop on extensions that DUI.shlb and see what happens...

Do you guess is a framework from Mac OS X?

From it says PEF bynary

0x1222000 - 0x127fffb DUI.shlb PEF binary: DUI.shlb

On the Panther install I could get the DAE that worked from 6.4 LE


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