Author Topic: exchanging files between the G4 mac os 9 .2 and mac ox X macbook pro  (Read 946 times)

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hello everybody
some of you have be very kind when i had  my troubles  installing  my dp  after a trash disk on my old g4
eveything is back again 

i thanks  die hard ,mac torn  and a lot of you  guys  mr happy etc etc .. 
happy year 2017
i have  probably not seen this topic about it
but we have tried  to connect with an ethernet cable  ( double crossed)   
and it seem to  work  for the G4  accepting to share  but the mac book pro recognize the connection  but says  that it is a protocol not recognized  ..could someone has a clue if it works ?   do i have to install  something special to do it ? 
i d like to have access  to the hard disk  connected to the g4 from the macbook pro in mac os 10  .7
thanks in advance for the one who will answer
miro cordialemente
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