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GeeThree Stealth Port and the Griffin gPort new clones!

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Im getting one! Feels like a must-have.


--- Quote from: Knezzen on January 12, 2017, 08:17:46 AM ---Im getting one! Feels like a must-have.

--- End quote ---
I have two of them. I used them for years without any issue.
BTW, It works without any extra drivers. The extension included it's only to be used with the chooser (old serial printers or appletalk on serial port) , but not it is not necessary to be used with MIDI devices.

MacOS Plus:
  I realized another machine variant this should fit in by default.  The iMac G4 ('iLamp') uses the same modem as the tower machines.  Other than removing the phone jack to feed out the cable, it should work with no further modifications.

I e-mailed the guy with the suggestion to make a Powerbook version but haven't heard back. The Lombard and (I assume) Pismos use the same board.

For me, a Lombard with SCSI, USB, *and* real serial would be fantastic.


I purchased a couple of Jamport cards.  Fast delivery and well product.

Installed very easily on the MDD 2003, it does the work perfectly!

OMS "New Studio Setup" recognized the Studio4 on the serial port, as well as the Unitor8/AMT8 connected to the USB port.

Great addition at great price!   


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