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File menu or Application launcher Control Strip module

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Is there such a thing? I don't really like aDock and DragThing and want as little clutter as possible. The control strip is allready there so it would be lovely if something like this exists. A simple menu that I can add aliases of applications I use often is good enough for me :)

Anyone know if this exists or do I have to make it myself? ;)

Found what I was looking for! A control strip module putting the "favorites" menu in the control stip did the trick.
Attached it to this post so more people (allergic to adock and dragthing) can benefit from it.

is there some reason NOT to use the Apple Menu for this sort of thing? Just curious ... for as long as I can remember I've been putting alias' of my frequently used programs in there and that's where I always launch from.

i am using the regular apple menu because i dont like any of the third party replacement or add ons in that direction.

but there is one thing which you should NOT do with the applemenu:

if you put bigger archives, for example aliases to whole harddrives into the apple menu, the computer will take ages to boot up!

so if oyu want to browse volumes via a menu, use something else.

knez i know owe you an answer to hosting the collection on garden,

let me look into it later, it is stil not fully tested but i think i give you the last version as is.

i once tried to host it somewhere else but its been deleted since noone dl it ;)


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