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Edirol UM-1 MIDI installer for MacOS 9 won't execute

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Hi folks,

Roland posts a MacOS 9 driver for their UM-1 MIDI Interface here [1].  The download is posted as a .tgz file and not a Stuffit archive.

Stuffit (the default version in the MacOS9Lives image) expands the file, but the driver installers (the "Driver E" files) just show up as non-executable documents. Can anyone help me get past this?  Presumably there are three potential solutions:

--1-- Suggest a better location to download UM-1 MIDI drivers for MacOS9 -- perhaps as a Mac-friendly Stuffit archive.

--2-- Suggest a better way to extract the .tgz file within MacOS 9, so that the original executable status is preserved.

--3-- Suggest a way to make the non-executable documents actually execute (assuming the files aren't corrupted in some other way).

Thanks in advance,

[1] Roland UM-1 MIDI Drivers for MacOS 9

Glad I'm not the only one with this problem and it still exists 18th February 2017

it is the same archive. we would need the creator information and so on and just maybe you can make it useful again.
if you have a older version look at the creator infos and use them on this installer it might work.
the other 2 files are settings you might be able to import them with the apps and resave each one to get them back to normal.
try that

Any progress with this? I also downloaded the driver from Roland but it has the resource fork missing. Claims to be a simpletext document.

I'n having the same problem. I just bought two of these interfaces. I hope that doesn't mean even more $$$ down the drain.


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