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Powercore Mk1 PCI any idea where I can get Classicverb and 24-7-C

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Hello all and Seasons greetings.
I recently re-installed my very old Powercore Mk1 PCI card in my MDD G4. I bought it years ago and for whatever reason never had it registered to my name. I was wondering where to now get the Classicverb and 24-7-C? They seem to be off the TC site, unless i made a mistake.

Any advice or help appreciated.

Also if anyone knows if its possible to re-register a card somehow.
It would be amazing to somehow get MasterX3. :)

it should be possible to write to their support, they will also generate you a serial for  the master X-3 in case your card date fresh enough to qualify for the license.

classicverb and 24/7 come without any protection i think, they were free for any card owner.

i can upload you mine later in case nobody else is faster.

Mostly everything should be her already
TC Electronics PowerCore (Hardware Driver, Plugin Suite) - Version 1.6.1,1146.0.html

If you need Classicverb, 24/7-C, myself or IIO can attach it for you.

Master X3 info:,2191.msg11741.html#msg11741

From a previous post of mine:

--- Quote ---The Original PowerCore PCI will run Master X3 and other Plugins unders windows with no issues.
Under Mac OS 9; the 1.61 will be the latest bundle and all the stock plugins will run; you can also download and add "Classicverb, 24/7-C"

Without issues, however the Master X3 was a serialized plug that is married to a particular Powercore under Mac OS 9, so a new Master X3 has to be generated for every unique Powercore Board (MK1 only, element does not run Master X3) ; so this must be obtained directly form TC, I have 6 boards and each has a unique Master X3 per board
--- End quote ---

Hi, Thanks so much for the quick replies. I have mailed TC, just waiting for a reply. If you could mail me the Classicverb and 24-7 that would be fantastic!

Cheers, Nick

It seems that the MasterX3 boat has sailed.... From TC support:

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your patience.
I am afraid we cannot create any more any plugin for original powercore PCI or element (since december 2014).
There was a different server that created these specific plugins (customized to a serial number). This server has been closed for ever.
Master X3 is included in the software for PCI card on  OSX up to version 10.6.8, or any Windows PC. (up to Windows 8) 

Oh well....


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