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Best picture viewer for OS9?

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Was looking through 300 some picturea tonight using QuickTime picture viewer and thought that there must be something better available to look through that many pictures.

Would love to find something like iPhoto but for OS9.

Any suggestions?

I use the shareware GraphicConverter a lot - it has a photo browser function.
I like version 3.7.2 best.

Well, the most professional program in this fields is "Cumulus". It is for absolute professional photographers and categorizing thousands of thousend pictures. It is "agency style" and rich of tagging features. More a full library and network tool.

But there are many many other programs in for doing picture previews, some of them quite fast (factor 10 to quicktime). ACDSee 1.6 or iViewMedia Pro are good programs for example. If you like the column view "Coela" can do quite quick previews while browsing the filesystem.

photoshop 7 comes with a browser (os9)  ;D

Front 424:
I have a question:  any good solutions for creating thumbnails to replace the generic jpeg etc. icons?  I am so used to Windows and OSX doing that automatically in most cases, I rediscovered what a pain it is to have to sift manually or use a specific program to preview files that are all in one big folder.

Anyone have a program that does this and does it well with a minimum of hassle?  I know you can manually paste a pic into an file's icon, but I would think there would be some kind of batch processing program that could process an entire folder.


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