Author Topic: difference of version functioning between the waves 28 and 3.2 with the memory?  (Read 1063 times)

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excuse  again  ..but  look guys  i found something strange

 something is  weird  because  all my vst wrapper works again  now with the d2.72   on  the G4 (733) (2002 digital audio)  with  1,5 giga memory) the new one i found  on sailing  because i was waiting  for my old g4 to be fixed  ( the fire wires out were out of order )
but my wave 2.8 doesn't seem to accept the  key

and the other G4 (400)the pfirts one the one i have been worked FOR 15 Years (1999  graphite) with 512 m of memory  works perfect today    with the new dp2.72 and vst wrapper 2.0 and waves 2.8 works well with the key emulator as before

i have received a mail from  waves  that says  . could someone just help me about it 
ok  i know  that there is a solution  using the other g4  ( old one  with accept  the 2.8 waves  )
do i have to try the version 3 on this  one  ?? and to install it ? is there a key code to emulate on the 3 or should i try to take out memory of this one ?   thanks for advices guys  :)
"""Hi Miro,

Waves version 2.x authorizations are no longer available, but your authorization should still be on the key. The issue is most likely due to incompatibility somewhere. I would suggest referring to the Read Me file to make sure your system is within the required specs. I believe there was an issue where the key would not work on a system with over 1 GB of RAM. This was not possible when version 2.x was current, but was an issue we discovered later as computers were upgraded.

Best Regards,

Waves Sales Team
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