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The last version of MacsBug was 6.6.3, released September 14, 2000.

Please Chris use search function before starting new topics.

I recently joined this group ( Sept 3 2021) and noticed that there is no mention of MacNosy & The Debugger of which I am the author of.
It is still available and if you have a machine that Boots into System 9 both programs are fully functional.

As I am looking forward to trying the software mods that members of this group have developed to see how it works on a 2006 G4 PowerMac on which Serial Communication software is broken
For details on my programs, contact info, ... see

I look forward to figuring out how to download the software mods group members made so that
 I can boot 9.2.2 natively on my 2006 G4 laptop.

For the curious, I have used Macsbug in the past.  I debugged my Debugger by running 2 copies of it
 and if both copied failed I would end up in Macsbug

BTW: I don''t like to bitch, but the captcha verification is a bit small for my 78 YO eyes
and I can't get the listen to the letters to work on OSX 10.14's latest version of Safari :-(

(one of the great features in firefox is that it scales literally everything when pressing command-+ and command--, and not only fonts and containers. it might feel strange on a mac, but iŽd recommend everyone to install firefox in addition to safari)

...and welcome!



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