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networking local ips + subnets
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:37:34 AM »
so... there is no networking section so ill just have to leave this here in the general hardware discussions

pretty general topic but i just wanted to bring this up because i just solved a massive network issue i had on my local network for the last few months - maybe even the last year since i moved....

the simple fix? make sure your router is not using the 192.168.0.x subnet!
all i did was change my actual modems ip address to be a different subnet,
in this case i changed it to instead of 0.1 and now my inet is WAYYYYYY faster.

anyways just such a simple fix + such a huge pay off - had to share !

im guessing i had some type of subnet-collision where somewhere on my network another device was trying to create ips on that 0.1 subnet , but as a secondary network.. which was colliding with the other subnet...
anyways maybe someone else can drop some more usefull info
but for me, im writing myself a note to never use for your home Router/modem , another reason why is u cant ever use "internet connection sharing" functionality included in OS like XP or MAC OS X that let u use a laptop for example to connect via Wireless and then Share that same connectivity out thru its own ethernet wired port.... effectively turning the laptop into a Wireless Bridge/access point when coupled with a gigabit switch.

anyways thats my tip for the day.
my inet is SO MUCH more fast now. all this time i was blaming my ISP DNS servers.. and it was a fault of my own local network because of which subnet
was being used by my modem.

so yea.. if u are having CRAPPY network speed.. + internet searches on google take forever.... and some websites were taking up to 10-15 seconds to open up.. i thought it was the fault of my netgear wireless range extender/access point
(its a netgear wn2000RPTv2) try taking a look at what your router is configured as (192.168.0.x -vs- 192.168.1.x)
its best to leave subnet completely free as this is better for routing + lets u use internet connection sharing properly without hacking to change subnet defaults

i kept trying to optimize my DNS server but all along it was ip subnet collision
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