Author Topic: Matrox Millenium II - system requirements  (Read 795 times)

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Matrox Millenium II - system requirements
« on: October 27, 2016, 09:05:24 PM »
  I've been digging through a bunch of my older hardware that's been in storage, and I decided to play around with some Matrox video cards.  I have two Milleniums and one Millenium II that were both successfully flashed to Mac ROMs and previously used in a 9500 system.  I wanted to see if any of these would work for a second monitor in G3/G4s, and started testing out the Millenium II.

  I downloaded the installer from Matrox and put the card in a Sawtooth booting OS 9.1.  System profiler sees it but it never gets initiallized as a video output.  Should it work in this system, or is there a ceiling on motherboard compatibility?

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Re: Matrox Millenium II - system requirements
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2016, 01:20:38 AM »
i think it may have to do with pci spec compatibility
or the AGP graphics chipset

i have a card by Echo Audio the Gina 20 Bit card from 1997
it works in the PCI graphics G4 yikes! but not any AGP like the sawtooth..
i think the compatibility for this card is similar in that it works with the older beige powermac g3 + 600 series cpus
but not with the AGP g4's???