Author Topic: ATARI MEGA 4 WITH MIDEX+ CUBASE 3.0 (80 MIDI CHANNELS)-ALSO CUBASE 2.0 FOR MAC  (Read 1114 times)

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The classic original music machine with a total of 80 MIDI channels. In the 80'sI made many 20 minute symphonic pieces, each saved to one 1.4MB floppy disk. Truly an awesome machine. Includes the original Mega-4, black & white monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also the Cubase MIDI sequencing package. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area.

Also for sale is Cubase 2.0 For Mac (floppy install). I purchased it in 1995 and never used it because I moved to Logic on the Mac

Also for sale is a G5 dual 2.0 with a Geethree Stealth Port.

If interested, please PM me....