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The 1.6ghz Sonnet Encore MDX overclocking project

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I recently stumbled upon a 1.6ghz Sonnet Encore/MDX Duet upgrade for the MDD and XServe G4 and I couldn't really keep myself from buying it. The whole reason for the purchase was to see if the 1.8ghz version shares CPU with the 1.6ghz model with just the core multiplier crippling it. A nice overclocking project!

I contacted MacTron and got to work with taking pictures of the front and back of the MDX.
MacTron made some discoveries and.... we got stuck. We need to find the core multiplier resistors, and since the documentation for the MDX board is internal for Sonnet, we don't have any documentation to help us do so.

So now we need your help!
Do any of you guys own a 1.8ghz MDX and feel confident enough to remove the heatsink and take some pictures of it?
Pretty much the only thing we can do now is try to find some high resolution pictures of the 1.8ghz MDX board and compare it to the 1.6ghz I have.

Please help us help you!
If we manage to get the 1.6ghz stable at 1.8ghz or above, we have a pretty cheap upgrade path for those of us who need even more power than a overclocked 1.25ghz MDD CPU can manage, or just because we want more power ;)

I have attached the pictures I have taken of my 1.6ghz board to this post for archiving purposes.

run down the components and start ruling out

eventually you can narrow it dow to an area of the board

The LTC1709 chip is the Voltage Regulator.

Bumping this thread a bit. We still need your help!

Do anyone here have a 1.8ghz MDX and want to contribute with some pictures of it? It would really help alot!

Here you go Knez.
Have fun overclocking your practically-irreplaceable upgrade board.
Just don't let the smoke out.

I notice we both took pix before wiping the goo off of the CPUs d-oh
Mine are 7447B's

Interesting side note: After reassembling with fresh Arctic Silver, the CPU temp dropped 3 - really - 3 degrees C!


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