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What's the last thing you bought for your PowerPC Macs?

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"Older-minded" (I am grinning here).

I purchased one of the very first available, 1 Gigabyte external SCSI hard drives & paid $995.00 for it, brand new.

You bet, I'll love the speed and bang-for-buck of SATA drives.

I got a chuckle out of that too and translate 'older minded' as WISER!! Haha! ;D


--- Quote from: Fury deBongo on October 15, 2016, 06:41:58 AM ---
I purchased one of the very first available, 1 Gigabyte external SCSI hard drives & paid $995.00 for it, brand new.

--- End quote ---

My first external SCSI drive was 45MB and cost $1095.00!!! :o  Maybe I'm a little 'older minded' than you Fury!! Haha! ;D ;D

Last PPC-related Mac purchase was about 4 weeks ago; I obtained a G4/400 upgrade Sonnet Crescendo card for my souped-up 7600 project.  I'm still looking for 700 MHz+ ideally but not for the prices I'm seeing now.  Since I got a really good deal on the G4/400 I bought it and it represents an upgrade from the G3/300 I had in there before.  And when I finally find a reasonably priced 700+ upgrade, I'll have a spare or I can sell the G4/400 and shouldn't have a problem getting back at least what I paid for it. 

So far it has 1 GB of RAM (the max it can hold), a PCI Sonnet Tempo HD ATA card with attached 120GB "SSD" (actually an mSATA drive in an mSATA to 2.5" IDE adapter), a combo USB 2.0/FW 400 card (obviously limited to USB 1.1 speed in OS 8/9), Radeon 9200 PCI graphics with 128MB of VRAM (actual Mac Edition from NOS) -- and the G4/400 CPU, under the hood of a 7600/132.  A little more work under the hood and I should be about done.  It won't break speed records but it runs Tiger competently.  It is partitioned to run 7 different systems ranging from 7.6.1 to Tiger and it's one of my favorite old school Mac toys (the other being the G4/550 Pismo I'm using now). 


--- Quote from: geforceg4 on October 14, 2016, 06:52:02 PM ---even tho some older-minded people here have talked about not overstressing pci buss when recording audio i still think that the improved data throughput of the sata pci card (over the built in ATA) combined with a MODERN SSD (being so so much much much faster then the old ATA drives from 2001-2003)  is the best upgrade for mac os period in my opinion
you will love it.

--- End quote ---

If you search the Forum I have have outlived specifics in the past of when too many "bus mastering" PCI cards in a G4 can create a problem and cause audio "drop outs" and noise when recording.  With 1 audio card (Recording Interface) and 1 SATA controller, there should be no issues :)


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