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What's the last thing you bought for your PowerPC Macs?

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according to the specs it takesagbout 5-8 times more than USB 1.1. offers (though part of the USB specs is that you may exceed that limit for like 100% for 3 seconds or something like that - plus you can count on apple or dell to offer even more headroom in their machines.

but when i connected small harddrives or a floppy drive to my quicksilver, it mostly doesnt work and the mac starts beeping. and you should really listen to her when she tells you that. :)

SSD is no problem, 2 controllers via keybord is no problem, a huge midi interface via the keyboard cen get already difficult.

a powerd hub should always work in the sense that you wont break the computer (unless you forget to turn its PSU on), however i am not sure myself if it always offers USB 2.0 current on all ports(?)

There were several aftermarket USB floppy drives offered
for G3’s & the original iMacs.

There’s a VST here that works quite well without a hub.
(Even with G4’s - when it’s rarely ever used.)
But never have had any ill-effects from using it.

*Connected and working with a 2011 iMac right now.
Had connected / working with a G3 iBook (OS 9.2) just before.
It doesn’t like 800k discs - but 1.44 mb discs… all day long.  ;)

does anyone know if this would run somehow on a G5 quad?


--- Quote from: Knezzen on October 14, 2016, 08:16:49 AM ---I just got two packages delivered today. One had an Apple branded GeForce 4 Ti (4600) 128mb with ADC and the other a Sonnet Encore/MDX Duet 1.6ghz! Which means I have a great weekend ahed of me  -afro-

--- End quote ---

Hmm... that was back around 2009 or so. 2010 I bought an i7-based MacBook Pro. Sooo...

I think I had Maya 6.5 installed on a Mac Mini -- believe it or not. I think it was a G4-based machine. It powered a Dell LCD that I had for years afterwards for my MacBook Pro. If memory serves, I also had Illustrator and Photoshop installed. I still use those licenses on systems running older OSes.

So hard to remember. That was around 15 years ago.

Marathon Powerrack G4 3,3 with sonnet upgrade coming this week wooohoo
was looking for one for ages

powerrack 9600 still looking for if anyone knows

edit: shes here 😍


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