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What's the last thing you bought for your PowerPC Macs?

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Just finished installing the GeForce card and the Sonnet MDX. Going to take some bechmarks now and compare it to the old Radeon 9000 64mb/Dual 1.5ghz setup.

MacOS Plus:
@Knezzen:  Would you be able to take a physical length measurement on your Ti card for me?  I want to know how long it is without the extra blank extension part of the PCB.  Supposedly the initial release of that card didn't have the extension and I'm trying to figure out if the 'short' version can be crammed in an Xserve without hitting the CPU heatsink.  I'm still in the market for one even if I have to settle for cutting the 'long' version.  (Obviously I'll still make use of one if it won't fit in the Xserve.)

MacOS Plus: Sure, I'll take some mesurements, but they will be in cm and mm. The metric system rules ;)

On another note: The MDD is just as fast (or slow, depending on how you look at it) with the 1.6ghz MDX in place.
The lack of cache is very noticable in benchmarks. The upside is that since the 7447A's on the Sonnet card are much more energy efficient than the 7455's on the original Apple CPU card the machine is a lot cooler, even with the tiny Sonnet heatsink and without the loud Sonnet fan (I removed it).

So if you can find one they are pretty much the same speed as dual 1.25ghz G4's overclocked to 1.5ghz but they run a lot cooler.

I wonder if the stock apple heatsink fits the Sonnet card.... Hum... ;)

So I was on the verge of selling my lovely Powerbook as I have some old DJ kit that I couldn't get a serial number for, so I kept it.  Sadly, the battery would only hold charge for about 20 minutes.  I was just randomly looking at Gumtree and bizarrely, 45 MINUTES before I started looking, a lady in Scotland posted that she was selling a battery for the exact model I have, brand new boxed!

So I immediately contacted her and struck up a deal.  22 paid including delivery!  A lovely lady who doesn't trust the internet, so I had to post her a postal order bless her!

I haven't popped it in yet, but that's my latest purchase.

I am always keeping an eye out for FW800 drives though...

Sounds like a sweet deal, Steve_W!

I just couldn't help myself and modified my Sonnet MDX to use the stock aluminium apple heatsink instead of the tiny Sonnet one. Idle temp dropped from 40C to 35C with just switching the heatsink (using the old thermal compound for now).

A really good (and cheap) mod :)


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