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What's the last thing you bought for your PowerPC Macs?

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I just got two packages delivered today. One had an Apple branded GeForce 4 Ti (4600) 128mb with ADC and the other a Sonnet Encore/MDX Duet 1.6ghz! Which means I have a great weekend ahed of me  -afro-

Ah... sounds like fun!! Looking forward to the post installation report!;D

The last things I got was the Logitech wireless trackball, a bunch of SSD's, ide adapters and some drive mounts.

I guess the Apogee AD8000 would count too! ;D

RAM and a video card for the PowerComputing clone that was so kindly provided to me recently by a user here.

RAM, a USB/Firewire combo card and a small firewire external drive for my DP MDD. Awaiting a SATA pci card from "across the pond".

even tho some older-minded people here have talked about not overstressing pci buss when recording audio i still think that the improved data throughput of the sata pci card (over the built in ATA) combined with a MODERN SSD (being so so much much much faster then the old ATA drives from 2001-2003)  is the best upgrade for mac os period in my opinion

you will love it.


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