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Is there an official Diehard instant DAW thread?

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Hi there

I'm trying to install Os9 via the instant daw, but It seems I'm having problem downloading uncorrupted files.. The setup gives me a checksum error , the system is bootable but half the programs are kinda croppy..
I've uncompress everything on osx with stuffit 10, it is correct?
The link provided in the download section is always not working\busy for me now, and so I cant re-download everything..

Thank you in advance!

Un-encode (take off Mac Binary) on all the 4 "img.bin" files using Stuffit; do NOT extract these in any way, they are not ".sit" files

Then remove mac bin encoding from the "Apple Software Restore.sit.bin" file using stuffit and then uncompressed using stuffit 7.0.3, place all files in same folder and read instructions; nothing is corrupt and it has worked for many;  I suggest you get an OS 9 system up with a basic install first and do NOT use OSX to assemble the DAW install

Thanks for the advice! Sorry, I'm a total apple-noob ;D  I'll try to install Os9 from cd this week ! It's just me, or the downloads from adrive has stopped working? I get always the same "server busy error" + something about turning on javascript that on my browser should be already active!  ???
Tested on 2 pc, with different internet connection + 2 different browsers (Chrome and Edge Windows10)

Really ?  No one else mentioning issues, where are you located ?


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