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Here it is:,839.0.html

Or if you wish, Here it is with a bunch of activated VST effects and Instuments:,2716.0.html

OS9 is weird. Or is it the G3?

I never, ever, had a problem installing and running VST32 5.1 on my G3 B&W.
It just installs. I put the serial number (on the CD sleeve) in, and it runs.
(Bought new in, 2000 I think. Still have the original box.)

No dongle or anything, perhaps they were about to bring out SX -
and weren't bothered. Always wondered about this.

I have a Windows crack on CD that works. There are plenty of 5.1
downloads about it seems though how reliable they are is moot.
It runs on any Windows from Win 98 to Windows 7, although I've never
got the Universal Sound Module to run on any from W2K-on.

PC version handy for cross-platform, mind. Not everyone has a Mac.
Also comes with WaveLab which I don't have on the Mac sadly.
May be a download somewhere.

Just thought I'd share.

Anyway, back to Normalising, EQing, and chopping up two one-hour live mp3
recordings into individual songs with fade-ins and -outs as mp3s - thanks to
the mp3 codec I downloaded from THIS SITE! Brilliant, thanks.

400MHz limitations are forcing me toward a more streamline workflow.
Seems to be faster working from a FW drive but could be my imagination


--- Quote from: Petros90 on November 18, 2021, 01:30:01 PM ---OS9 is weird. Or is it the G3?

--- End quote ---
G3 B&W Rev.1 is weird.

I have one and is a PITA.

Do yourself a favor and pick a G4 PCI board.

Protools5LE Guy - thanks for the advice, which other members also advised. But.
It ain't never gonna happen.
The G4 is very dull, I couldn't possible have people seeing one on my desk.
It's like a choice between a supercharged Honda 50 or a CX500

More news re G3 upgrading soon.



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