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Whenever Installing different versions of Cubase on OS 9 and  you get the mysterious no launch...

Simply delete all Cubase preferences in the System folder and reboot and relaunch and it will work :)

running a G4 I bought in 2000 and using OS9.2. Maybe it's the extra .2 at the end? I'll check it out and see. But as I said it used to run cubase 5.1 perfectly back in the day. It's installed fine now, but the audio cuts out the third time you press play without fail, and the wave forms don't draw. It's very frustrating. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in this site: I've only sourced a couple of functioning pieces of software from it - there's issues like, passwords are incorrect (Reson 2, Lounge Lizard), some software doesn't install correctly (Roland, I can't remember, sound canvas or something)..... anyway, sorry, that's a bit off topic. I'll try updating my version of OS9 and wiping the cubase preferences and see how it goes. You're all doing amazing work!!!  :)


if you would communicate we could offer assistance
my cubase does not have any problems like you have described
you should start out by telling us your full system specs
how much ram
what video card
what type of hard drive etc

honestly the biggest source of problems with computers
in my experience, is bad hard drives. buying a new hard drive
or switching the os to a new different used drive
can totally make a system perform like new again

please make a new thread tho instead of responding to an old one if you want to ask for help!

I gotta say, I love my old Cubase VST. I run it on a G-4 450 dual processor, since it's written to take advantage of the dual processor system it runs great. Before that I used it on a Imac G-3 and it ran great on that too. I bought this program in 2000.


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