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OMS Factory Patch Names for Instruments from late 90s thru to early 2000s


zip file given to me by david kane from opcode users group
contains all the patches that were listed on +

these files were previously unobtainable due to them not being accessible on the wayback machine

--- Quote ---including the following instruments:
Akai SG 01v
Alesis QS6
Behringer Modulizer Pro
Behringer Virtulizer Pro
E-mu MoPhatt
E-mu MP-7 command station
E-mu orbit 3
E-mu Proteus 2000
E-mu Virtuoso 2000
E-mu Xtreme Lead-1
Kawai K1/II
Korg MS-2000R
Korg Triton
Korg Triton Rack
Korg TR Rack
Korg X5DR
Kurzweil K2500
Kurzweil K2500/Exp Boards
Kurzweil Micro Piano
Lexicon MPX-1
Lexicon MPX-200
Lexicon MPX-500
Native Instruments B4
Clavia Nord Lead2
Clavia Nord Modular
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Peavey DPM V-3
Peavey Spectrum Bass
Peavey Spectrum Synth
Roland JP-8000
Roland JP-8080
Roland JV-1010
Roland JV-1080
Roland JX-305
Roland MC-505
Roland M-GS64
Roland MOC-1
Roland SC-155
Roland SK-88
Roland V-Drum TD10
Roland VSC3.0
Roland XP-30
Roland XP-50
Roland XP-60
Roland XV-3080
Roland XV-5080
TC M2000
Yamaha CS-2X
Yamaha CS-6X
Yamaha CS-6X/CS-6R
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha EX5
Yamaha EX7
Yamaha S-30
Yamaha S-80
--- End quote ---

i notice the inclusion of Native Instruments B4 - obviously this is not a piece of gear but rather a plugin..
so i didnt know u could create patchname documents for oms for virtual instruments???????????
i guess that leaves alot of oms patch name documents needing to be made to match all of the vst's :o

too bad there wasnt a FM7 patchlist

keep in mind this is more than just applicable for opcode vision
i think the oms names will show up in logic, cubase, protools aswell
maybe not Digital Performer as its built to integrate with FREEMIDI instead? but maybe DP too

i will have to test that out

Thanks! Exactly what I was searching for today



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