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At the same time released and TDM-version of Cubase to the same number. The new program supports all currently available versions of Pro Tools stations. However, Cubase 4.1 TDM does not support VST architecture. Yes, the Cubase TDM that, in fact, does not require - a system using cards with TDM architecture, more powerful than any software-based VST-type system.

Who has this version of Cubase TDM 4.1.?

there was also a Cubase Audio v3.0 TDM version

heres a thread around 2000 where someone mentions at that time cubase had decided to terminate support for TDM

from what it looks like to me, this was only supported between v3.0 + v4.1 check the chart here
so maybe all you need is to download cubase 4.1  and select TDM hardware as your interface

does Cubase VST 5 support TDM? VST 5 came out after 2000.. so it seems that steinberg decided to drop TDM at releasing version 5.0

Version TDM 4.1 supports the latest hardware Digidesign, 5 version works only with ASIO. Disc Cubase VST 4.1, I have, but there is no TDM and therefore was quite another drive Cubase TDM 4.1

so u are saying that you are missing another complete installation disc called specifically cubase 4.1 TDM??

u have tried the download available here? of 4.1r2?,3218.0.html

it would have been from 1998 or 1999. i think probably 1999.
right before the VST instrument big bang explosion!

Wow that one got by me, never saw in any studio the TDM version of Cubase !


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