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Website redesign?

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Hey there,

I've been mailing with Jerry a few month ago (yes, I excuse ... I've been really busy lately as I married, changed job and moved to a new home) about redesigning the website. I do code a lot of web stuff at my day job and while I'm not too keen on spending more time in front of an editor, I do believe that it would be fun to create a Mac OS 9 lives website with Classilla as lead browser on my good old TiBook!

According to the Classilla FAQ, we're talking about HTML 4.01 and CSS2 (ah, no css box shadows alas! :D ) in terms of compatiblity and I think it would be fun to code away just like we did it a few years ago. Might add in some leightweight Javascript if necessary (though I prefer it clean & quick).

As for the design, I am no designer (maybe someone would help me out on that?) but I'd really love to recreate sort of a platinum style theme. One that makes visitors think "oh my god! I remember the look, it was sooo uber cool!".

Now, I don't want to force something upon anyone, so I'd be interested to hear what y'all think about it first?

From my point of vie a "Paltinum Design" for a website is not that good. Have a look at http://www.ppcmla.com/ It is nice for the first 2-3 visits, but than it is very nasty. I see my desktop every day so I don

nah, I don't take it as an offense, don't worry :)

I can see someone already recreated the platinum style ... nicely done! I like it.

After reading up in the Classilla FAQs I think it would be best to use HTML4.01 / CSS2 for the styling and avoid javascript until it gets further improved.

Any more opinions on that?

I welcome any help in re-vamping the Mac OS 9 Lives site... and even a complete re-write... (I would like to keep some of the graphics I did in photoshop).

The current site was slapped together in just a few days... and I did not expect any interest... I am glad I was wrong... as far as the forum goes... I like the Simple Machines format and we have been able to avoid the spammers so far. My day job at the computer store, wife and kids, and my weekend gigging with the band keep my schedule packed so I apologize for the lack of time I have had to expand and/or modify the site.

I agree it should be in the platinum look.

A few other notes:
I think a link to the forums should be in the menu bar.
It would probably also be nice to have links to the Macintosh Garden as well as Emaculation for running Mac OS 9 in SheepShaver.


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