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Maybe a button that will help arrange the folders when in icon view?

Extending the functionality of Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! Post

Found this Japanese Mac OS 9 Fan.
There's some very intriguing descriptions of system enhancements, related to this subject -hence sharing the link.
Take a peek, especially in the: File operation / Function expansion / Disk / Folder database

Editing post to include the copy paste, for easy access:
File operations

super-duper-211.hqx Software that can copy all types of discs. Also supports Disk Copy and Shrink Wrap
FileBuddy 6.0.6J
Delivery-kun 117_ppc.lzh Create a set and automatically identify / type creator / move files, etc.
Substitute 1.7.6 FAT.sit High-performance multipurpose utility

ABF Rename 3.4
Backup / Sync

Tri-BACKUP 402 Easy to use
KzBackUpTool_v1.9.sit.bin Backs up the set folder at high speed by differential copy.
File / folder comparison
Count the contents of the diffy-doolittle-112.bin folder and compare each resource / data fork of the file with the same name to report
McCompare.sit.bin Find the difference between the data forks of the two files
SwitchBack-2.7.2J.sit Synchronize two folders and replace the latest files
Synchronize! 3.7 (SEA) Synchronize / backup two folders
Double file scan
Doublet Scan 4.0.5 Duplicate file scan
Comment related

Archive Commenter 1.1 Write a comment to a compressed file Not a read / finder
Commentator Shareware Pacno.sit Finder Export comment?
CommentEditor1.0.sit.bin goCommentEditor non-RB version
goCommentEditor1.1.sit Edit comment in list view / Real basic version
super-comments-208.sit Managed from control panel?
UltraComment2.5 (PPC) .sit Write comments in bulk from a text file

You can also search inside Grapple_1.3.sit data / resources
UltraFind22.hqx Powerful file search and information management utility that considers Macs and networks as searchable databases
CatFindFat.sea.bin Fast folder search
mojikensaku064.sit.bin Simple and fast, you can search up to 400 at a time, but if you press the button, the continuation will start Search in the folder
PowerCorpus3.ppc.sit.bin Search in folders that is not fast but has excellent formatting features for editing search results
Character search 0.2.0.lzh.bin Search in folder

Function expansion
Desktop enhancements

Virtual.2.0b2J.sit.bin Software that creates virtual desktops, such as x-window.
virtual-desktop-195.hqx A utility that adds scrollbars to your desktop to make your desktop pseudo-wider than the size of your display.
glidel_502_us.sit.hqx will be able to be added by dragging to the Apple menu
Metericon_v0.9.sit.bin Paste disk space to icon
NaturalOrder.cpt.hqx 1 → 10 → 2 Sort
TileCity.sit This control panel adds a Tile menu to the Finder, allowing you to view different tiles and align windows.
TitlePop.sit Extension to make the window title a pop-up menu
tucows_filehand.hqx Extension to see information
WhatVersion.sit.bin Add version to file name
Decor304.sit Easily change your desktop picture
Multi-function launcher

ACTION GoMac 2.1.1 Add a Windows-like menu that moves in and out of the screen
AliasMenu 2.2.hqx Add an alias menu to the menu bar
HandyMan 2.0.5.sit Add alias to control bar
AreaLauncher.sit.hqx Launch the registered application by moving the cursor to the edge of the desktop
csmmakerppc.sit Software that creates the control bar module just by dropping the target application.
Drop Drawers 1.6.5 Installer Multimedia Launcher
LaunchBar1.3.2.sit Windowz-like toolbar. Switching open windows
mimi205lt.hqx A convenient drawer is attached to your desktop. Note paper, launcher, calendar, database
Appearance change

Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 installer
Genuine appearance

Theme Machine 0.4d1.sit processing
PreviewMaker_2.4.1_PPC.sit Appearance preview
S'Preview_1.3.sit.hqx Appearance Preview
Window_Builder1.1.sit.hqx Appearance Preview
Calendar / clock

himekuri.sit A ​​daily calendar that allows you to specify images
World_Clock_CSM_2.7_J.sit Control bar item that displays the time in the current world
World_Clock_Deluxe_3.1.2_J.sit World Clock
Daily turn 1.59.sit Show a lot of information about today
Overcoming _165.sit.hqx Control Bar Calendar

Disk / Folder database
disk disk

 Create a catalog with List_Files text
CDFinder  label print / folder creation / comment / MP3 tag reading
Database that creates an alias in the AutoCat2.2.sit folder
catalog2.1v2j.sit.hqx Folder X / 3 Hierarchical display in 3 windows
catfinder-215.hqx too simple
DiskRecall1.1.sit Folder cannot be created
DiskTracker 2.3.1.sit.bin Folder cannot be created / Comment
Tri-CATALOG_5US.sit Hierarchy in multiple windows / Enhanced image function / mp3 tag / Comment
Media management kit. img Control panel type catalog software + floppy label creation software + backup software
listup121.hqx Export the file information in the selected folder / disk as tabbed text (SimpleText document)
It is displayed like a mini-FileView0.5.sit tab / Drag a folder etc. to display it
NameClip1.0 (jp) .hqx Put the list of dragged and dropped files in the clipboard as text.

ambry-134.sit for business use
Browsing file hierarchy browser type

gregsbrowser2.54fat.sit.hqx You can see the contents of the folder hierarchy in a fast and easy way by displaying multiple folders in one window.
Prowler 2.0 to .sit Unique screen
Utility Doge 1.0
User information, etc.

eagledata.sit You can edit the layout, but the behavior is mellow
Memoranda_1.13_PPC.sit.hqx Layout editing / categorization
passwordmaster1.0.sit.bin Pass required at startup / Item name and path only
PasswordWallet_2.0.1_MacJ.sit Simple list display / encrypted storage of user name and password
SoftwareStation1.1.sit.hqx For soft data / list display
VSE My Privacy 1.1.hqx Category Filter / Folder Outline Editor Format / Cryptographically strong
Account BAN1.0_PPC.sit.bin Startup path / You can select items such as email, FTP, and text format.

Found this massive collection, dating all the way back to 1999. ATPM
Oh I see there's 6 search results already, but last was from 2017, so it's a repost ;)
Some may know it, others may not. If you find something you want, but can't find, post it in the Requests
OS923 had his latest request after an hour, pm me it you want the v8 or v9 as well.
Plan to make a thread where all can post their links to sites they know of, it just makes it easier for newcomers. That collection thread can always be moved to new projects, in the future.

I'm in a cheese bell here, forgot to point out that I'd really like something done with the Extensions folder. Using EXTENSION OVERLOAD or better, found on the left side in the link. I find this the worst folder to view in Finder.

I can reach out to Daniel Chvatik if there's interests.

For me it's most practical if you have concrete ideas like:
- shift-drag like in Windows.
- Overwrite a file but keep the comment.


--- Quote from: Cashed on January 22, 2022, 12:59:21 PM ---Found this Japanese Mac OS 9 Fan.

--- End quote ---

if you are into this kind of stuff i have compiled a few here for you.

it is all drag-install (i almost said "symlink" :D) and applied custom icons to, so that you can see the type (control panel or pseudo controlpanel application, extensions strip module, extension, contextmenu item) at one glance.

AWOL and a few others are still missing because it will be better to leave them in their original installer form.

--- Quote --- I find this the worst folder to view in Finder.
--- End quote ---

it is for sure a mess as soon as you begin to install various extensions, libraries and hardware drivers.

what i do is this: after OS install, everything from the OS is getting a blue label color. the other 5 label colors are used for grouping things (choose whatever system you think is useful).

later when you need to find conflicting things or want to deinstall apps, go to list view, sort by label, the unlabelled ones on the bottom are the new ones. easy.


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