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Designing a new Finder

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I have plans for a new Finder.
It will show long filenames in Unicode on HFS+ volumes.
It will be able to display all files and folders in one list view.
Every volume will have its own trash.
Trashed files will not automatically be renamed, so you can put them back exactly like they were.
The views in a window can be mixed, for example an icon view sub-window in a list view window, or an icon view sub-window in an icon view window.
Sub-windows will be merely a drawing like a rounded rectangle with a title bar in the same color as the label of that folder.

First I make a test program to see how fast it will be.
It displays all files and folders in one list view.
It does inline edit in Unicode.
I use caching, R-trees and delayed evaluation.
I'll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, you may propose a name.
I thought already of a few names:

* Finder+
* Findest
* UniFinder

MacOS Plus:
  As you might be able to guess, I'm quite partial to the "+" convention. ;)  It also fits well with "HFS+".

How about...

--- Quote ---FinderLives!
--- End quote ---
--- Quote ---Finder9Lives!
--- End quote ---

My vote goes to Finder+

--- Quote ---Finder+
--- End quote ---
really is cool and says it all


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