Author Topic: Getting a pc compatible usb floppy drive to work with OS9 possible?  (Read 1576 times)

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I have a pretty typical (generic) usb 3.5" floppy drive that works with OSX and Windows.  I was wondering if it will work with OS9. 

If I need a floppy drive for OS9 do I need to find something specifically compatible with OS9?

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9.2.2 (I'm certain) and 9.1 (not sure…maybe) will mount pretty much any USB drive provided you have the Apple USB Device Extension installed and active in the System Folder.

You should be able to write and read back from floppies all day long.

IF however, you are hoping to read from old Macintosh floppies, you will probably find that your drive will NOT read them. The 800k and 1.2Mb Mac disks used a unique format.