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Web Rendering Proxy+Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers

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Does anyone have the download link to this? Thanks

I found this: it seems pretty decent.
It utilizes Firefox ESR.

I found this too and its not WRP: - This guy is running Windows 2000 and some program which allows the use of Moonlight to run on older hardware for modern browsing of the internet. This then gave me an idea about OS 9 and how to bring this to OS 9. But, I know some one these forums don't want to hear it, sadly  :-\

By no means a technical response to the original post (as I have no technical expertise to offer), I just wanted to post a link to The Old Net, a way of browsing the web of the past with browsers from the past It works wonderfully well on Mac OS 9 browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.1.7, iCab and less well on Classila. It isn't a way to surf modern web-sites and is not a substitute for finding a solution (if one exists) for accessing the modern web using Mac OS 9, but it is a lot of fun and reminds me certainly of how useful and enjoyable surfing the web was, before the advent of all the modern 'developments' we see on web sites and pages. Simplicity and ease of use has a great deal of charm in comparisonů

This is an incredibly nice thing!!
I installed WRP on my laptop and am currently using discord (yes, really)
in the classilla browser. It's not perfect, but it works.
Of course I'd rather use Discord with a stand-alone-browser on OS 9,
but we all know that it's very unlikely to ever happen...


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