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Web Rendering Proxy+Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers

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--- Quote from: ovalking on February 24, 2021, 11:56:22 AM ---So it appears to be useless for my classic Macs

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Well WRP etc. are proxys through which you can get your old macs back to modern internet pages again. If you only have classic Macintoshes and no more modern machine, of course you cannot use it (because you have to install it on a modern day computer). Of course a standalone-thing for classic mac would be better, but that seems to be impossible, so I do not really understand what the problem is.

Thanks - I think I get it now!

Is there a publicly accessible WRP server somewhere we can point to?

Otherwise it still seems useless - if you've got a modern machine to run this s/w, you might as well use that to view the web page surely...


--- Quote ---Usage

    Download a WRP binary and run it on a machine that will become your WRP gateway/server. This machine should be pretty modern, high spec and Google Chrome / Chromium Browser is required to be preinstalled.
    Point your legacy browser to http://address:port of WRP server. Do not set or use it as a "proxy server".
    Type a search string or a http/https URL and click Go.
    Adjust your screen Width/Height/**Scale/Colors to fit in your old browser.
    Scroll web page by clicking on the in-image scroll bar.
    Do not use client browser history-back, instead use Bk button in the app.
    To send keystrokes, fill K input box and press Go. There also are buttons for backspace, enter and arrow keys.
    You can set height H to 0 to render pages in to a single tall image without the vertical scrollbar and use client scrolling. However this should not be used with old and low spec clients. Such tall images will be very large and take long time to process, especially for GIFs.
    Prefer PNG over GIF if your browser supports it. PNG is much faster, whereas GIF requires a lot of additional processing on both client and server.

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--- Quote from: PowerFinnrich on February 22, 2021, 11:00:14 AM ---Hello,

I found this new thing called "browservice".
Although I could not test it because I do not have a Raspberry Pi or the time to handle this more difficult setup,
it looks pretty awesome and much more useful than the WRP.

Here is a video of browservice used with Mac OS 9:

And the github page of this project:

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This is nice ! How do I use this in OS 9 Classila ?

UPDATE: Setup already Browservice and my 2012 MacBook Pro running Ubuntu 20.04 is the host which is providing OS 9's classila and all other browsers access via Browservice. It was easy to set up. Sound will be coming soon. Its not super quick, but its quick enough to browse the modern web. It even allows Youtube to be played, albeit via the server which is translating and sending the pictures and rendering to the browser in a way it understands.

Will post some pics soon.


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