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Mac OS 8.1 (Universal Install) CD Image

Mac OS 8.1 (Universal Install)
Toast / ISO CD Image


Details: Released on January 19, 1998, Mac OS 8.1 was the last version of the Mac OS to run on 68k processors. It addressed performance and reliability improvements. It introduced a new file system known as HFS+, (aka Mac OS Extended,) which supported large file sizes and made more efficient use of larger hard drives due to using a smaller block size. To upgrade, users must reformat the hard drive, which deletes the entire contents of the drive. Some third-party utilities later appeared that preserved the user's data while upgrading to HFS+. Note that 68040 systems do not support booting from HFS+ disks; the boot drive must be HFS.[8]

Mac OS 8.1 was the first system to have a DVD Universal Disk Format (UDF) driver and also shipped with the new Java runtime (JDK 1.13).

Mac OS 8.1 also included an enhanced version of PC Exchange, allowing Macintosh users to see the long file names (up to 255 characters) on files that had been created on PCs running Microsoft Windows, as well as supporting FAT32.

Mac OS 8.1 is the earliest version of the Mac OS that can run Carbon applications. Carbon support requires a PowerPC processor and installation of the CarbonLib software from Apple's web site; it is not a standard component of Mac OS 8.1. More recent versions of CarbonLib require Mac OS 8.6. Applications requiring later versions of CarbonLib will not run on Mac OS 8.1.

As part of Apple's agreement with Microsoft, 8.1 included Internet Explorer 3 initially, but soon switched to Internet Explorer 4 as its default browser.

Mac OS 8.1 was free for Mac OS 8 owners and was available in February 1998 via the website.


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