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There's a new version with files in Unicode. There's also a version for Linux.

AppleWorks uses the same dictionaries as MacWrite, but it doesn't need the strange software form Claris (Spelling enabler and so).
AppleWorks can be fragmalyzed and then you see that it uses all the read/write instructions (FS-instructions, FSp-instructions, PB-instructions, PBH-instructions).
So if you patch all the variants of SetFPos and in these patches you say if LMCurAppName<>AppleWorks then return, then you can follow what it is doing and write this to a file.
You need also to limit SetFPos to your dictionary file.
First you search the refnum of the open data fork of the dictionary.
This can be done with PBGetCatInfo.
This can't be done by the init because the dictionary isn't open at startup.
Then you need a control panel where you can type this number to store it into memory, so the init can see it.
This would result in a log file that shows you at which positions it has been reading from the dictionary.
This will be an indication where the words start.

The words are stored as separate syllables.
I did brute force and I found leap, pale, peal and plea but not apple or lapel.


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