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Dictionary viewer is a remake of KeyInto 1.8.7.
I decoded the dictionaries from KeyInto.
Then I display them in a larger font and in color.

You can copy it here:

The dictionaries are on the test files page.

Thanks. Great work.

BTW, do you know something about creating MacWrite spelling  dictionaries ?

Very cool. Thanks!

I improved on it, but it's not ready to upload. First I have to make new icons. The new version will have dictionaries in Unicode and there will be a Linux version. There will also be a conversion program that enables you to create your own dictionaries by converting plain text to binary.


--- Quote from: MacTron on April 11, 2016, 01:08:39 PM ---do you know something about creating MacWrite spelling dictionaries ?

--- End quote ---
I don't use that program anymore, but I copied it and I will look into it. As I remember, the dictionaries are similar to those of ClarisWorks so I will look into that too.

The dictionaries that come with my program have about 12,000 entries, which is in my opinion not enough. The first words that I looked up were not found (navarin, cordage).

I search large open source dictionaries: explanatory dictionaries and bilingual dictionaries, of which the format is public. Then I want to convert them.


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