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Photo Editing with Live Picture 2.6.2

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--- Quote from: MacTron on April 11, 2016, 12:47:21 PM ---Thank You Waeshael for your kind offer. Unfortunately I can be more disagree with you about Live Picture 2.6. It have a awful PC like interface, besides it -may be- can do some things that Photoshop can't, it lack a whole bunch of basics and important features. Its a very basic program ...
Sorry but I dont wish to waste my time writing about into this app, just to avoid someone else loose its time with Live Picture 2.6.

--- End quote ---
@Waeshael: It's just my opinion. An user opinion like yours. Contrasting opinions is better than unique vision.  I'm not taken any benefit of been moderator in any way.

Moderators reports can't be open for show frustration a about users opinions.  >:(
Now I'm telling you as a moderator.
I think that the difference is evident. ;)

I've been looking for this software forever, if anyone knows where I can find a copy. I've messaged OP but they seem to be inactive. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I  found the attached. It is untested by me. If it doesn't work, please advise, and I will delete.

i keep getting error -32 when trying to launch the version 2.6.2 updater, but the 2.6.1 updater works fine, thanks. If anybody is looking for a serial code message me  ;) really wonderful photo editing and vector design application, I highly recommend.

slightly unrelated but is anyone familiar with using custom .otf & .ttf fonts in os9? I have searched for any info on converting those formats to suitcases but couldn't come up with anything. I've read that those formats should be compatible but whenever I drag into the font folder they are still unreadable. I will download fontdoctor and see if it can diagnose for missing postscripts or bitmaps, but they seem to work fine in osx fontbook so I doubt that's the issue.

I very vaguely recall that ages ago, I was able to get Live Picture 2.6.2 up and running, but it didn't do anything. I could not open/import/view anything with it. I never understood what it was suppposed to do.

I also seem to remember that the program that was able to convert between various font formats was called "FontMonger"

I'm attaching what I found, and be interested in knowing if it worked for anybody.


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