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BeView is a small extension that transforms your Mac's user interface to resemble that of the BeBox, a new computer from Be, Inc. For more information on the BeBox and Be, Inc., check out the Be web site. BeView patches your windows, scroll bars, buttons, popup menus, dialog colors, menu colors, Finder icons, and system font. To use BeView, just drop it into your Extensions folder (or drop it onto your System Folder and let the system put it where it belongs), and restart. To disable BeView, move it out of the Extensions folder or disable it with your extensions manager. Here is a screen shot:

Version History
Changes in Version 1.1

    Added Be-style check boxes, radio buttons, popup menus, and progress bars.
    BeView now substitues a Be-style font for the system font, Chicago 12.
    Excluded First Class and Panorama from BeView's window patch.
    Tweaked the colors to better match the latest version of the BeOS.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a BeBox?
    Take a look at the Be web site.

Command-clicking on Finder window titles doesn't work.
    Command-clicking on the title of a Finder window normally pops up a menu of all of the window's parents, so you can quickly move up the folder hierarchy. Unfortunately, the Finder expects window titles to be in the middle, not at the left where BeView puts its tab, so command-clicking on the tab does not work. There is nothing I can do about this, I'm afraid. However, you can still get the popup menu if you click in the middle where the Finder expects to find the title; BeView gives you a six pixel thick border at the top of the window, so there is still room to click.

Does BeView work with Aaron or Kaleidoscope?
    No, BeView is not compatible with Aaron or Kaleidoscope.

Does BeView work with DoubleScroll?
    Yes. In fact, the BeBox has an option for double-headed scroll bars built into the OS.

I hate the yellow tabs.
    Get used to them. As far as I can tell, the Be OS does not let you change the color of the window tabs, and I want BeView to be true to the Be OS interface.

The grays are too light.
    The shades of gray I use in BeView are the actual ones used on the BeBox. If you think the window frames are too light, or the fills look washed out, that is how they look on a real BeBox. Again, I want BeView to be true to the Be OS interface.

You should make BeView into a Kaleidoscope Color Scheme.
    I intend to do this at some point. However, the Be interface is significantly different from the interface style implemented in Kaleidoscope, and Kaleidoscope does not yet support such variants.

What is the ~ in ~BeView for?
    BeView needs to load after the CE Toolbox extension.

Why don't I get Be-style windows in Lotus Notes, First Class, or Panorama?
    These applications use the window title bar in non-standard ways (by adding extra buttons, indicators or menus) that are not compatible with BeView. There is nothing I can do to fix these problems except for disabling BeView's windows when these applications are running.

Why has Greg not responded to my e-mail?
    I often get overwhelmed by e-mail about Aaron and my other shareware programs, and I do not have sufficient time to reply to all of your messages. It might take only a few minutes to write a quick response, but that time adds up when I have hundreds of messages in my in box. However, I do read all incoming e-mail, and I note every bug that is reported.

How do I disable the Annoying Shareware Message?
    Once Kagi Shareware has processed your registration, they send you an e-mail reply with the subject "Thanks for your Registration". That reply contains the instructions to disable the Annoying Shareware Message in BeView, provided that you read all the way to the end of it. If you do not have an e-mail address, you must check the "Postcard Receipt" box in the Register program so that Kagi will send you a printed copy of this reply. If you do not receive this reply, contact Kagi Shareware.
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