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Making Your Mac Talk!



--- Quote ---Making your Mac talk using the Speech control panel

Note: Apple Text-To-Speech technology is a basic text reading facility built in to the operating system, it only provides a framework that other applications can use. It does not provide full screen reading but offers speech feedback in dialog boxes and will only speak in some parts of specific applications, for example a Word document.

To activate Mac Speech:

Click on the Apple menu (no keyboard shortcut).

Click on the Control Panels sub-menu and then click on Speech to open the Speech control panel; see Fig 1. (No keyboard shortcut).

speech options
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--- Quote ---Click on the pop-up menu next to Voice: and select a voice, for example Kathy by clicking on it and then click the speaker button next to it to play a sample of the selected voice. (No keyboard shortcut)

Click on the slider next to Rate to speed up or slow down the voice. (No keyboard shortcut).

Click the drop down menu next to Options: and Select Talking Alerts (see Fig 2).
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--- Quote ---Click the checkbox next to Speak the alert text to have your Mac speak the text in dialogue boxes. (No keyboard shortcut).

Click on a delay time on the slider named Wait before speaking: below Speak the alert text to have the computer speak the dialogue immediately click on 0 for a 5 second delay click on 5 . (No keyboard shortcut).

You can also have the alert speech start with a phrase, to do this:

In the Speech control panel lick the checkbox next to Speak the phrase: to turn this option on. (No keyboard shortcut).

Click on the pop-up menu next to Speak the phrase: to see a list of available phrases and click on one to choose it. (No keyboard shortcut).

Note: You can edit the list of phrases and add your own, to do so choose Edit phrase list from the list in he pop-up menu next to Speak the phrase: .

Click the close icon in the top left of the speech options box or press Apple + W on the keyboard to close the window.
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--- Quote ---SimpleText can use Apple Text-to-Speech Mac OS facilities to read aloud text files. To do this:

Click on the Sound menu and select Speak All with the mouse or press Apple + J on your keyboard.

To stop the computer speaking click on the Sound menu and Select Stop Speaking or press Apple + . (full stop) on your keyboard.
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--- Quote ---Microsoft provide a free plug-in for Word 2001 on the Mac called Word Speak that enables word to use the Mac Speech to read word documents out loud. To install it do the following:

Go to Word Speak 2001 for Macintosh
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--- Quote ---If you want to stop reading the text press the Esc key on your keyboard.
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--- Quote ---Word Speak allows you to have text in Word 2001 documents read aloud using Apple Text-To-Speech technology. With this tool, you can select a voice to use to read any selection from your Word document.
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