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Disk Speed Upgrades (aka The Bootable PCI SATA & SSD thread)

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This thread is about buffing your disk speed by
running your os off a more modern hard drive, connected via more modern technology then what was available
when the mac was built!

we can do this by using a pci card that provides a few (usually 2) sata ports
a number of companies produce these cards but just a few create cards that have firmware
designed to boot on an os9 system.

Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA

OWC SATAPCI2P (discontinued)

Serial ATA 2-channel PCI controller card for Apple/mac

Ratoc REX-PS30X
more ratoc os9.2 gear:

Ratoc REX-PCI15S
sells for 3,528 yen (around 39 dollars)

more mathey products:

(shows a mac compatible 2 port card with SST bios chip)

Siig SC-SA4011 (not sure if bootable, but i saw a 2006 article comparing this with the owc card above )

seritek 1s2

acard 6290m (2 sata / no raid but still mac os 9 bootable)

acard 6890m (pci raid controller raid0,1 mac os 9 bootable)

Raid0 / Raid1 mode switchable via dipswitches | supports mac os 9 / mac os x

WiebeTech TCS1-1 / WiebeTech TSC2-0 (reffered to as the "teracard" i think?)

siig products circa 2006


these cards will provide much faster disk performance then using the native IDE ATA bus.

to take this a step further some cards were designed to combine two disks into one in os 9. Acard was one of such companies though their cards were not produced in that great a number and they are discontinued now and hard to find.
for reference purposes here is a link to a page describing this acard model that provides both SATA + RAID for OS9.

below you can see some data benchmarks i found just now doing a search.. ive linked these via google translate as they are originally posted in japanese!

page 1:

page 2:

What I was asking myselve for a long time now, is if there is any SATA Card that can utilize the entire PCI-X bus of the later G4s with its 64 Bit and 66MHz, what would mean 500 MB/s, ... ?

Does anybody remember what of the bus is slowed down if I put a 33MHz 32 Bit card inside a PCI-X slot? Was it the widht or the speed? And is it correct that it nevertheless should stay at 266MB/s even with a 33MHz/32 Bit card inserted in one slot?

im wondering if the sonnet tempo with the 2 internals can make 2 2tb drives available under os9


--- Quote from: devils_advisor on December 29, 2013, 08:09:54 AM ---im wondering if the sonnet tempo with the 2 internals can make 2 2tb drives available under os9

--- End quote ---
i have the box in front of me let me check the back:

-easy installation
-compatible with most pci power macintosh computers
-48-bit LBA support for drives larger than 137gb
-Supports Mac os X raid features
-supports booting frm any attached drive
-transfers data at 1.5gbps per port

thats all it says



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