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Certificates in Icab & Classilla

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Eureka!    Our server is more patronizing than SourceForge. We all should get from this post 9.3.3 to update 9.2.3

But can’t these new methods be added to the browsers we have for OS 9, such as Netscape ?


--- Quote from: Roman323 on April 21, 2020, 07:57:21 PM ---But can’t these new methods be added to the browsers we have for OS 9, such as Netscape ?

--- End quote ---
In the real world, no. The biggest problem now is that everything is heavily encrypted. Seriously… you send the digit "5" and it gets turned into NCKE83G6OGM or similar. 32-bit encryption became 64-bit which became 128-bit and on and on. Teaching old browsers to handle this stuff would require enormous amounts of new code inserted into browsers nobody even has the code for anymore. Then, even it you somehow could, anything less then G4 duals would c r a a a w l . That's before you even address the enormous amounts of junk script stuffed into every web page to make sure they can follow you around while you buy all the stuff they shove in your face. Then there's playing catch-up with all the certs…a full-time job in itself. Is that enough? There's still more…

Cameron tried hard with Classilla, he really did but even he had to throw in the towel. TenFourFox is hanging by a thread and it all he can do to keep it from falling too. This is the world we live in.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the situation. Of course it *could* be possible. Look at the Amiga fans who develop their own browser (iBrowse). It'll even work on 68k Amigas - with SSL. (albeit no Javascript yet).

A big BUT - they actually *sell* the browser in order to finance development. That would never work with Mac users. From various MorphOS discussions on Apple groups I get the impression everyone expects someone™ to spend hours coding for free. (that rule applies only to others of course - they themselves always do want to get full pay).

So good luck finding that someone™. Especially since the ones with the skills of coding a browser are sought-after specialists that can make a lot of money. Why would you spend your time coding for people who wouldn't even leave a "thank you"?

Add the fact that the Mac OS community is much much smaller than e.g. the Amigans and you know there's not going to happen much. We still fiddling with our aging original hardware and don't even have a FPGA-based hardware replacement like the Amigans, Atari fans and others already have. That's something I'd love to see done before we're even thinking about a modern browser because our hardware doesn't get any younger.

Apart from the hardware issue, I for one believe that for the forseeable future our hope lies in gateway services. They will do server-side magic (e.g. scraping news pages and delivering the results unencrypted in plain html on a news page that'll work with IE 5.x too.)

I feel that's what we should focus on. Granted, you won't be able to do your Online Banking with OS9 again, but at least you should be able to use certain features again. Like the image uploader at the Mac Garden is a great example.

it is pointless to try to update classilla because almost nobody uses it. we should be happy with all the years of free support by the project and let go browsing html.


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