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--- Quote from: Mat on May 04, 2020, 05:02:33 PM ---
--- Quote from: GaryN on May 04, 2020, 12:14:25 AM ---Jeez man, give it a rest already.
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I have to step in and assist Roman323 a little bit! ;)
To argue agains the development the society and the IT business is doing is always of value. It reminds us that a lot of things are going wrong. The need of all the ads is not useful for us, as well as 90% of the stuff modern OSs are doing in the background, are of no value for us users, and do not improve our tools, that our computers always should be.

--- Quote from: GaryN on May 04, 2020, 12:14:25 AM ---a seriously flawed (lovable, but flawed) operating system
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Thats bullshit. Yes, 9 has some issues, but Unix is nothing that people at single workplaces need at all. Remember, it was Apple who needed some of the functionality of X (and those in cheapest possible ways, and in cooperation with Steve and usage of his Next), not the users. And those who can use Unix are fine with other Unix OS' as well. There was no need to go this direction, and no "flaw" of Mac OS 9 at all. And do not come along with the "missing memory protection", …

--- Quote from: GaryN on May 04, 2020, 12:14:25 AM ---it's called OSX. It works really, really well.
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No it does not, but you do not recognize it anymore. If you are still using 9 on a daily basis, as I do, you can see how useless most of Xs stuff is! I have two new experiances that again confirmed my last decades experiance with X.

1.) I have now sometimes to work at a G5 4x 2,5 with 16 GB Ram. And this machine is so damn slow with most stuff!. I could improve the experiance a lot in downgrading to 10.4, kicking spotlight and a bunch of other useless programs, but still I have to wait 5 times more than at a well installed 9 machine at 1 GHz. That means this machine feels 50 times slower than it should with 9! Why the hell do I have to wait 10 seconds until a file openes? Why do I have to watch a bouncing ball, when I paste 1 line of text? Why the hell are most concepts focused on presentation instead of workflow? No, X is a still a pain, and impudence. I still do not get why anybody ever accepted it and started to use it. The only cause why most people do not feel like this today, is that the hardware provides in the meantime nealy endless computing power for wasting.

2.) I had my first experiance with X 10.14, and beside the fact that its GUI is crap, its possibilities are only used by software that is bossing around the users. Program X needs internet access for updating, before you can close it. Program y likes to get access to some hardware, Program z needs veryfication as you are at the wrong place, … and so on. It was just a pain.

--- Quote from: GaryN on May 04, 2020, 12:14:25 AM ---I browse the damn internet with Firefox and Safari under Mojave.
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There is no cause why webbrowsing should not work perfectly at any 9 machine. It is just a cause of good programming. When I see what my MDD can do at (the still quite slow) LinuxMint PPC, there is no argument why it should not work with the much faster 9 as well. Especially if we would exclude all the ads in a wise way.

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It's not just all the ads. Clientside webcode and classes and styles and just plain infrastructure has changed a "lot". I'm not really all that current, but from some of the stuff I have seen, the coders have gotten extremely lazy just like back in the day for Windows stuff, where the fix wasn't to write better code, it was just just by more RAM, storage, etc because it was faster and easier of a fix than to just do things properly. Seems like most current tools do some things for the developer, so that they don't have to write lean and fast code. Webcoders who write like 3000 lines of javascript, and 10 lines of HTML and wonder why their website runs like garbage as a generic example. Or claim they don't use javascript, they use jquery... (for those that don't know, jquery is pre-established library of javascript, from what I've quickly gleaned-haven't looked that deeply into it, so I could be partially wrong), or don't know enough math or logic and try to blame latency instead of the fact they their order/logic of operations is so inefficient that they try to blame latency instead of their their terrible organization or poor understanding of the frameworks.

Of course there is a reason why OS 9 doesn't work as well as Linux Mint PPC. Isn't one more recently supported/updated? It's like you're trying to say that your 20 year old car should run as well as your car from 2 years ago, despite the fact that neither one has ever had dealer maintenance or rebuilds done on it.


--- Quote from: Roman323 on May 04, 2020, 08:19:42 PM ---
--- Quote from: IIO on April 22, 2020, 12:27:07 AM ---it is pointless to try to update classilla because almost nobody uses it. we should be happy with all the years of free support by the project and let go browsing html.

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Take a look at this video: - This is someone running windows 2000 and the IE browser at the time with the help of an app which allows old browsers to browse the web. I would gladly pay any developer for making something like this to run on Mac OS.. But, due to Gary trying to make me understand, I will just put that idea away.

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If it is the tool that I am thinking of, it converts a webpage to an image, and then maps links to the coordinates within the image. So... just from a quick mental analysis of it, it won't work for any dynamic websites without deeper parsing than pull all the anchor tags, etc. Does OS9 have their own internal parsing of websites? I'm new to any Mac OS for the most part, but it seems like Apple has their own handling of elements on webpages, so that might be another layer on top of the browser handling that Windows browsers don't have.
This probably isn't going to be something that would just be a couple weekends project for anyone. Probably the original builder of the tool could do it much faster, but it doesn't seem like it's a small amount of work.


--- Quote from: IIO on April 23, 2020, 09:49:34 PM ---exactly. it is 2020 now and we should focus on what we can do in 2021, and not what somebody else might have done wrong in 2001.

in theory, the 7447a can run at up to 2,4 GHz. any takers?

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Why stop with 7447a, if these 7448 chips are real.


--- Quote from: GaryN on June 02, 2020, 06:33:12 PM ---OK. I see you're relatively new here so I'd be remiss if I didn't point out:

This thread has a subject - that being running old browsers on a modern internet.
If you need help with hardware or software function in general, there are other categories for that.

With that out of the way, you seem to have a serious issue that could be either hardware or software related.

If your computer is overheating, it's either because the fan(s) are broken OR the temp sensors are not telling the controller they're getting hot OR the controller is out to lunch.
Out of curiosity, what was the iMac serviced FOR? Was it related to this?

"Put privileges to write and read" generally makes no sense. UNLESS you have copied the High Sierra OS from an improperly-formatted source, another computer OR in some way that has caused you to NOT become identified as the "owner" of your own computer, so that the OS "sees" you as an UN-authorized user and is severely restricting your privileges to do anything. That could (not definitely, but could) also cause what you describe as "laggy" behavior.

Let's be clear: It takes a really, really f**ked-up installation OR really careless tampering to get the system to essentially lock you out of your own system - that's why I say it's possibly seeing you as somebody else.

I think you should (at least I would) start by trashing everything and re-formatting the entire mess from scratch to see if anything (or EVERYthing) improves.

…and again, standard query: You DO have anything important backed up, don't you?


With time on my hands like everybody else, I've tried to help BUT:

Why oh why are you looking for help for an Intel Mac running OSX 10.13 on a Forum dedicated to vintage Macs that even has "OS9" in it's name?

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Well then,
WHY OH WHY Don't you read the CONTEXT of my message, I didn't say I want help, I implicitly said, if OSX works WHY DOESN'T IT RUN FASTER ON MY MACHINE?, but it seems you are incapable of reading and understanding the implicit meaning of things. If I wanted help, I'd go to apple support, not a website that has a 9 in it's name, you also must think of me as blind, if you say such BS.


--- Quote from: GaryN on June 02, 2020, 06:33:12 PM ---If your computer is overheating, it's either because the fan(s) are broken OR the temp sensors are not telling the controller they're getting hot OR the controller is out to lunch.

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gary´s explanation is already weird - but look at the explanation (or should i better say "excuse" for these design bugs) of this apple discussion forum admin regarding an overheating imac 2009:

"What you should be looking for is why your machine is overheating and addressing the issue directly. Overheating can be caused by either hardware issues such as a failed or failing fan or fan control or software that is using more CPU cycles than it should. Rather than focusing on the symptom, focus on the cause."

so if your imac 2009 or powerbook 2009 is running too hot, you are most likely running an application which is using more CPU cycles than it should.


in other words: dear customer, when we sell you a processor with 2,4 GHz, how dare you to expect that it can operate at 2,4 GHz?


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