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Off topic (sort of) while still being relevent to OS9 tools

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This is a stretch, cutting right to the chase.
Screen capture for OS9

I want to be able to (if at all possible) capture a video of tools 5.1.3 while it is in action.

I have heard that long ago there were a couple of apps that would do this, like "Screentool" and "Snapz Pro" but I am so far not having a lot of luck finding either.

Am I crazy, without question.

But it never hurts to ask.  :P

Found this going to see if it works while tools is running ;)

Well So far snapz  freezes Tools when you open it while tools is running, this happens even when reducing to only 5 FPS in the snapz setup menu, I also get an out of memory error in tools while snapz is running.

Not looking to promising at the moment.

We had a tutorial on PT made at 640x480 or 800x600 and few frames here. It had a Apple codec that only worked on old Quicktime.

Take note of the memory assigned to PT, DAE and Snappz. Try increasing the memory for them until you find the sweep spot.

I am working on a method that involves VNC server on Mac OS 9  and other computer for recording the screen on higher resolution. The router I use and my Macs are Gigabit Ethernet.

devil's advisor use a VGA to S-Video splitter to record the screen on a Panasonic firewire deck IIRC.

I have PT, DAE, VNC, A-Dock and DragThing all working at start up on my DA GHz dual and my MDD 867 dual. The frame rate and the delay is "acceptable". I tell VNC to use maximum bandwith and no "CODEC".


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