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The Coela
« on: December 27, 2015, 05:47:34 PM »
Hey, I found Coela! It looks like it's still hosted here:

The Coela

Column list is the display file system browser. I read the "dolphin".
The column list of browser There are Greg's Browser, but for the old application, to only simplified icon display, do not use at all Unicode file names, etc. HFS + functions. It does not work only in the Classic environment on MacOS X. HFS + corresponds to, and because the file manipulation application that works on MacOS X is needed, I made myself.
 Features of Coela
I can lightly see / manipulate the file system in the column list view.
It can be used as a graphic browser by graphic pre-view display.
You can file operations directly drag-and-drop between the Finder and other applications.
The folder navigation function, you can move it to any position even during a drag-and-drop operation. (Equivalent to MacOS 9 Finder of spring loaded folder function)
Since it supports drag-and-drop from the background state, it can avoid that the operation at the time window gets in the way.
You can register the file that you want to frequently access to favorite window. You can also use a favorite window as an application launcher / script launcher.
Supports Unicode file name, you can use long file names up to 255 characters.
By sloppy design of Apple it supports the file label display / setting function lacking in MacOS X.
 Operating environment
MacOS 9.0 or later, or MacOS X is I work with have been installed Macintosh.
Expiration date of this beta version is 30, 2002.

Display method also customize various possible
 in if also speed priority / crisp display on MacOS X is like QuickDraw, which has anti-aliased display at Quartz.

Also on MacOS 9 and offers almost the same functionality as the MacOS X version.
 It is the only application that can handle long Unicode file names correctly on MacOS 9

Fixes in Ver1.0b15
Add "Set File Type" function in the context menu
Context menu item created AppleScript in an "RejectType:" Possible
Context menu structure review, additional icon
Add mark icon / mark list function
Improved operability during folder navigation
 The file drop target window automatically have come as fixed in the front
 favorite browse object can be specified in the drop operation to the folder that was placed in the window
Add the file type / creator setting function in AppleEvent
Clear Data Fork / Clear Resource Fork additional functions
The deal with the bug of MacOS X 10.2
Modify MacOS X 10.2 in the way you use the new list highlight color
File icon display speed (MacOS X)
Label / file type / creator setting function additional administrator privileges (MacOS X)
Hiragino such descent is large font display of baseline position adjust (MacOS X)
Display Name Use configuration option added (MacOS X)
"Open with" classic application display ON / OFF option additional menu (MacOS X)
PDF preview display ON / OFF option of adding (MacOS X)
"Delete .DS_Store" command added to the ScriptsX folder (MacOS X)
"Open AE Dictionary" added to the Dock menu (MacOS X)
BrowseByCoelaService add (MacOS X)
BrowseByCoela icon display added to the contextual menu plug-in (MacOS X)

Fixes in Ver1.0b14
Corresponding to the new anti-aliased text QuickDraw drawing of MacOS X 10.1.5
Fixes in Ver1.0b13
Add clipping file / location file creation function
Change the shortcut of the browser window display configuration changes to the command + "1" to "4"
Fixes in Ver1.0b12
View additional Preview for the picture clipping file
Add the root level small icon display options
Tune-up of ATSUI Display / Preview display speed
Add the window shade feature on MacOS X
Add Open with function on MacOS X

Fixes in Ver1.0b11
Add graphics browse function
Add the file list sort lifting order switching function
Support for drag-and-drop of the clipping file / location file contents
Add free disk volume capacity displayed in the browser window lower end
Also drop to be able to fix scroll bar part of the browser window file list display
Add a file open operation options by the return key in a browser window
Fixed a bug that is not normally performed information window displayed by number formatting system
Modified so that become automatically folder name setting state when a new folder creation
Add Copy Unicode Path to the Edit menu
Added context menu creation AppleScript example
Looking for MacOS 9.2.4

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Re: The Coela
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2015, 05:51:46 PM »
Expiration date of this beta version is 30, 2002.
Looking for MacOS 9.2.4