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Looking for Cubase SX1 Mac install disc/iso...

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Can you provide, anyone?  I have the PC iso if anyone ever needs it.


If you can get Cubase SX1 and SX2 working alright on a PPC Mac - EVEN WITH A USB KEY - I take my hat off to you - they are as buggy as hell on OSX. I got rid of mine way back then - 2004/5??? I only got it as an upgrade to Cubase VST/32 because it was dirt cheap for me at the time.

Good Luck!

I have it.

I seldom use it, just for some mastering stuff with Waves plugin.

Can't tell if it is buggy or not 'cos I didn't stress it out enough as a multitrack.


would you be willing to make an image for me?

I'm interested too


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