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DVD Studio Pro 1.5 and 1.5.1 updates

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--- Quote ---With DVD Studio Pro you can author your own DVD-Video discs ó so your work is digital from start to finish. Best of all, because itís from Apple, itís designed for creative professionals, not DVD technicians. You can create DVDs which take advantage of every feature outlined in the DVD-Video standard.

Now DVD Studio Pro 1.5 works better with Final Cut Pro. Use marker points in Final Cut Pro 3 and simply export your project to MPEG 2. Final Cut Pro will generate all your chapter points, all completely named and easily imported into DVD Studio Pro. And youíll have frame-accurate chapter points for your projects.

Formerly the domain of DVD wizards, creative control over your DVD projects is now in your hands. Taking over where video editing applications such as Final Cut Pro leave off, DVD Studio Pro handles the MPEG encoding, menu creation, asset organization, linking, and output formatting that are required to produce DVD-Video discs.

Youíll feel right at home with the DVD Studio Pro interface. As you work, itís easy to view your projectís structure in a variety of ways. DVD Studio Pro has real-time previewing built in, so you donít need to wait for the project to be completed just to see how it looks and operates.

Whether youíre an independent filmmaker, video producer, trainer, event photographer or just someone who wants more control than iDVD provides, youíll find that DVD Studio Pro has something for you. DVD Studio Pro lets you focus on the content of your DVDs, not on the details of DVD technology.
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Yeah...  I need to start mucking about with some video stuff!! Cool! ;D

My challenge for folks on here is this...if someone has the 1.5.2 update (which is for OS X only), please post a link...I don't have it. Don't be fooled by the link on Apple's support's a non-working link.

To anyone following this thread...

We have it here:

It goes up to 1.5.1, we do not have 1.5.2


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