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Qpdf already supports linking with normal jpeglib so you shouldn't have many problems with that part, at least.


--- Code: ---This area contains a port of qpdf to make it build with Microsoft
Visual C++ version 6.0.  This port has been generously provided by
Jian Ma <> who has agreed to allow them to
distributed under the same terms as qpdf.  I am grateful for his

VC6 is too old to support qpdf directly, but only minor modifications
were required to make it work.
--- End code ---

If they can make it work in Visual C++ 6 then we have a good chance that it will work on OS 9. It uses the standard templates library and I didn't see includes of missing files.

The main problem is that the downloads (qpdf, libjpeg and zlib) contain much clutter, make files, test files, test programs, cryptic file names and file names that are too long for OS 9 and that everything should be ordered and linked as 3 libraries with test programs.

I linked libjpeg and zlib. Qpdf uses templates that I don't have. Which version of STL would they use?

See solution in attachment.

To go down a completely different route, has anyone investigated the open source javascript PDF viewer bundled in the likes of Firefox?  This would be post-classilla, but as the code is available, maybe it works with a javascript runtime that'll run in OS 9?  It might also be something that could be ported to C++ or MacPython.

This would have the added benefit that it supports modern PDF versions and just ignores the objects (encrypted forms, etc.) that it can't handle, instead of refusing to open the PDF at all.


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