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Keyboard Shortcuts Key Commands TDM or LE


Hey does anyone out there have a scan of the original shortcuts foldout that came with 5.1 LE or TDM?  Or any place I can find a similar truncated version?

My well worn copy has turned up missing after a move.

Cant find anything like it online at Digi/Avid.  Their PDF's are pages long...the original was quite a handy reference tool.  I'm helping a friend learn the ropes.


Not sure about the fold out, but this might be helpful

I'm SURE I have one of those cards around... If I can find it I'll scan it! ;D

Every Digidesign owner should know this page as the shape of his hand...
(Maybe something is lost on translation)

All the pdf are here

Even if Digidesign doesn't support anymore old gear, most downloads works and page is still up. They still pay Akamai servers to push the files, I guess.

It is not working ....
Dawn Avid Avid

First is for 5.1, 2nd for 6.something


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