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If you wish to learn also Protools, check,3219.0.html

These tutorials were made using only 1 computer (a G4 450 I guess), but with a 640x480 or 800x600 resolution IIRC. And they only work with old Quicktime I am afraid

I am sure a the combination G4 VNC server running protools + anyother computer with Vnc Viewer + a screen capture + audio recording software works if running over Gigabit Ethernet if you are on a cheap. And I mean using more that 800x600.


--- Quote from: Mat on April 23, 2019, 01:21:21 PM ---Thats no true. There is some software for natively screenrecording out there. For sure not for HDvideos

--- End quote ---

with tools like the one from ambrosia, screenrecorder or max/jitter, you are limited to someting around 300*500 pixels at 12 fps on a QS2002 - or a b it more on a MDD.

not really sufficient to make a tutorial video.

hardware solutions under USD 100 are usually limited to HD/2k, so you have to change resolution if yours is bigger, but they work great otherwise.

nanopicos idea to use VNC isnt bad either, it should free the host from more than 50% of the CPU load compared to local recording. but i have yet to try it (using "OS9VNC", the one with the deamon/extension)


--- Quote from: rpschultz13 on April 08, 2019, 06:13:57 AM ---Anyone care to elaborate on HOW this was done?

--- End quote ---

he is using a second computer with a PCI card for recording video, something in that area.


--- Quote from: Mat on April 23, 2019, 01:21:21 PM ---... For sure, more modern cheap solutions in HD can make ones live more easy, but I don't like the ongoing "is not possible" myths. ;)

--- End quote ---
It's not about any 'impossible myth' but simply about the technical conditions of the process.
The term 'in OS9 natively' implies 'from the original hardware, right out of the box' and that is NOT possible with a decent screen resolution to show up some DAW work.
(btw I couldn't even add another PCI card because not free slot left)
Those cards were ultra expensive back then and no go for bargain because (practically) no one deals with analog video anymore.

A presentation video should be a smooth experience for the viewer.
I once fiddled around on a Win XP box without success (3Ghz Dualcore and much faster Ram).
The simple solution was in fact a remote desktop session session captured by standard Quicktime on a MacMini (2.5 Ghz Dualcore) and both the convenience of operating the XP application and the crisp result were superior than anything I tried in Windoze.


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