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I didnt invent the wheel but i thought about ways to demonstrate certain things in os9. We all know via software it is pretty useless and impossible to have a nice screen recording.
I found a few ways and so far the cheapest ones are limited. i kinda demonstrated it with the few videosi uploaded. Yesterday i got a little converter box which was at first very promising and it does indeed what you want it to do but i forgot the recording device takes a regular ntsc format. Besides that the higher the resolution the more blurry the picture became to a point where you cant read anything which makes it useless. The converter works good for gaming and watching a video but for tutorial purposes its a no go. The devices that can take a dvi or vga signal out and record are in a price area out of reach for normal people. From this point on if one of you wants a video to explain things contact me. i dont have access to protools mix or hd systems so all i can run on regular hardware is what i can show you guys. I keep looking for a way but at this point i hit a wall.

Am interested to know what you have found out - I tried a camera but
didn't like the recording results - might have to try again in lesser quality - vga probably.

Here's an idea for screen recording.
VNC works on OS 9.
You could install that and then connect to the OS 9 machine from Windows or OS X.  Run the remote session at full screen while running a screen capture/recording app.
Just an idea.

Im going to show how i got it done so far. The problem with a software version is that i take to much of the running system and i need all the headroom i can get. The idea was nor using cpu cycles at all.

If you have a S-Video output in your video card, record the computer output in another device.
If you have a LCD TV that can record from the HDMI, connect your Mac from the DVI connector to the HDMI, use it as a monitor (even at 1080*1920) and record what ever you want in HD and without overloading the CPU :)


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