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--- Quote from: GaryN on November 25, 2015, 04:22:29 PM ---You're missing my point entirely.
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Hmm, I donīt think so. You are right about some (minor) Hardware limitations. For example Full HD videos. OK.
But my point was that G4s are not a general limitiation for the net. There is no need to think like this. Really have you used modern Linux with a G4s? It can do everything (except your full HD ideo).

Of course you are right that developers need something for living. But 1000 new iCab  users would mean half a year dedicated work for our plattform for example. And I wanted to motivate everyone to think about such possibilities. Of course Mac OS 9 will never again become a mainstream plattform like it was in 2001/2 but there are possibilities to keep up to date and do everything in acceptable speed. Wise programming can solve a lot. And Open Source can solve a lot. If we would for example be able to motivate another 3 to 5 developers like Cameron, we would have a up to date browser, done in spare time. "Some" optimizations "some" assembler parts and and the G4s would surf the net like every recent computer (except your full HD videos). I know what I am talking about regarding the amount of work.
Thats not just a dream, thats possible, and we should think about such niche-plattform possibilities more in future.

With some limitations it is possible to use nearly everything. For example some months ago I could use YouTube within Classilla at a 1280 x 1024 fullscreen without dropouts at a G4 1,25 MDD. Thats not your "full HD" but it was usable for day to day and it would perhaps take just a weekend for a developer to enable it again.

Thats my point. The hardware isnīt the limitation, it is the wise programming, plus the non-existing "community" that is limiting. And we could change that. Not to a mainstream plattform, but to a stable and up to date nicche plattform with smallest limitations. iCAB was just one idea, but the knowledge is there and Alexander would be able able to do it from a technical point of view. But we would need to motiate him, or care about a possibility for him to live, if we like a new iCAB version.
It will not happen alone and without us, thats for sure ;)

OK. Fine. I'm in. One word:   Kickstarter

Well guys here is part of the conversation;

I am wanting to know how hard it would be to continue support for
mac os9 and also what if we could get macOS9 users to pay for
such a browser that would bring internet support for macos9 up to date?

I fear this is not an option anymore. I'm sorry.
I do not have a Mac anymore which can run MacOS 9. Also MacOS 9 lacks many components of a modern Operating System, which makes it even more complicated and expensive to support this ancient system as well. And there are not enough users of this old MacOS left which would pay for this.
Alexander Clauss

If anyone wants to continue or has ideas that we may be able to push to Alexander let us all know. And how many people would actually like to support this idea?

this is one of the most weird discussions which i ever saw here.

compared to modern tools the difference between classilla, IE 5 and icab is so small, i would not even be able to tell the difference.

and of course nobody uses OS9 to browse the web on a regular basis. otoh, if you are using OS9 for audio, it is great that there is a browser which is at least working half way. you never know when you need one while youre in OS9.

pls apologize if i just wrote these lines using windows 8, because my laptop is about 10 times faster than my G4. ^^


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